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Short Circuit

Robot close-up filmed on circuitToday we were filming robots performing manoeuvres on a circuit as part of a forthcoming project for a new technology client.

The client wants to create the best learning system and realised they needed to outsource to a specialist to get the high-quality look and feel that is required.

Knowing Sound-Motive have enterprise video experience meant the client was confident that we could manage the work and maintain production values throughout the process.

Robot studio set up #2To achieve this we applied most of our effort setting up the studio for the desired look. Once this was established we noted the setup, filmed the takes and recorded the results according to a recurring procedure. 

The benefit of this was, once shooting was underway, we were able to proceed swiftly, confident in the knowledge that the multiple videos would look consistent. 

Most of the time things went smoothly, except when - in spite of their programming - the robots misbehaved! 

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