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Pitching to win investment

Pitching and Marketing with video

016bfbed225b4df598fe06ef2c5ebe56original Pitching to win investment - Soundmotive

We were delighted to have Mike Lawton from Oxford Space Systems deliver a guest talk about using film and animation to raise investment for technology businesses.

As the CEO of OSS Mike took time out of a busy schedule to share some key learnings with industry peers. The focus of his talk was on was pitching to investors, specifically what they want to know and how the medium of video can be leveraged to set the context and demonstrate technology in a dynamic way. Mike spoke during our "Pitching and Marketing with video workshop". In keeping with the subject Mike used one of the marketing films Sound-Motive have produced for him as a case study and also took questions from the audience before heading off to his next appointment. Afterwards Mike received positive comments on the workshop and further questions on the use of video content with the fundraising process. We got some great feedback about the event too, one delegate wrote "there was a lot to take away and think about...Interesting thoughts on being prepared for the videos. Really made me stop the bus for a minute...Thanks again you have a great business". 
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