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Needle-sharp video messages for nanotech startup

Microneedle in action from 3D animationWe were recently approached by an Oxfordshire nanotechnology start-up to produce a video as part of a fundraising competition.  

The brief was to stand out from the other entrants and convince the assessors to put them forward with a concise, high-quality video message. 

We opted for an informal interview-style setup between two executives of the company. In the video, they discuss their technology and how the company meets the funding criteria in a laboratory environment. Filmed with High-Definition cameras their dialogue was interspersed with cutaways of both the existing and proposed methods. This included a 3D medical animation which we created to demonstrate the advantage of their new technology, compared to the current offering. 

The video was successful in its primary goal(the client got through the first round of the application process) and our client was so pleased with the result that they have since commissioned us to reversion the pitch film for use as a promotional video on their own website.  

You can view the promotional version of the video here