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Lynette Morris-Hale Ceramics Promo Video

We have just finished filming editing and producing a short promo video for well respected South African ceramicist, Lynette Morris-Hale. Lynette tasked us with creating a video message conveying the types of classes she offers and the benefits to students.

We worked with her on the script and visuals and shot the video over the course of a morning. We then published the video on her website and Youtube. 

This is what Lynette had to say about working with us: 

"When I decided to have a video made to advertise my classes I was a little nervous as what to do but dealing with Sound-Motive put me at ease. Their knowledgeable and professional approach impressed me. They guided me through all the steps so it became easy and fun. It made me realize that dealing with experts is always the way to go"