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Jack of all trades?

 In the current economy it is tempting to try and 'cut corners' to save money or impress the boss. It's also tempting for novices or even established outfits in different areas to try and grab a piece of the online video 'pie'.

We see an increasing number of 'wannabes' coming from graphic, photographic or web backgrounds "getting into video" either because they fancy it or they've heard it's going to be the 'next big thing'. 

While our passion for the power of video and belief in it's online potential is genuine, our approach is a bit more down to earth. Having been in the media business for many years we respect the differences, understanding that different fields have their own unique skill set. 

It's also worth noting that these 'static' disciplines are fundamentally different to 'time-based' media like video, which requires an understanding of narrative and sound. There are plenty of courses around which can introduce you to some of the principles, but we've learnt just as much, if not more by working with other professionals. 

These days mastering a discipline is more than just serving an apprenticeship until you become a better and better craftsman. Rapid changes in technology, mean it's more like trying to shoot a moving target than a fixed one. Often each field has it's own set of ever-changing technical, cultural and even regulatory challenges. This expertise takes time to acquire, theoretically and in practice.  

There's a danger of spreading yourself too thin, when being a 'jack of all trades and master of none'. That's why we focus on online marketing films. No wedding photos or web development here (but if that's what you want we can put you in touch with some good people). There's still plenty of work to go round if you're good at and confident in what you do.