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Explainer videos, explained

Explainer video presentation

soundmotive explainer video talk

We were honoured to be invited to deliver a guest talk about using explainer videos at the Oxford Centre for Innovation 

soundmotive explainer video talk
The event was hosted by the Oxford Inventors Meetup which is an informal but professional monthly gathering of inventors and entrepreneurs. The purpose of the talk was advising innovators on how they can use explainer videos to raise customers and secure investment most cost-efficiently. After the presentation, the audience asked lots of questions and had an opportunity to network at a local pub.
Overall it was a well-attended and lively event and we got some great feedback. The organiser emailed the group to say "A huge thank you to Andy Hall for his excellent, well-informed talk last night on how to create an explainer video. I hope you enjoyed it. And thank you for filling out your feedback forms, which almost all of you filled in. Judging by your comments a good time seems to have been had by all. It seems that the Q&A with Andy was particularly well-received"
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