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Coronavirus Statement

Business as usual?

Coronavirus (Covid-19) impacts everyone around the world and our thoughts are with those who have been adversley affected. We hope you are safe and taking care while keeping calm and staying positive. The purpose of this statement is to reassure customers and prospects that we remain open for business while being responsible towards the safety of our clients and crew in our working practices.

Biohazard symbol

Our on-site and studio production services such as filming are being adapted to operate within government and NHS guidelines. Post-production services proceed as normal as we already have systems and platforms in place for operating remotely. Likewise Pre-production has no disruption except to physical meetings which are being taken as telephone or video conference calls instead. 

If you would like specific information relating to your project or how we can support during this time please get in touch.

For general information and guidance please connect with us on our social media channels.