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Can video help cut travel costs?

Arial VideoMore and more businesses are trading globally but it’s not always possible (or eco-friendly) to attend every meeting or conference, especially if it's abroad. 

We recently produced a video for an Oxford client that more than paid for itself by saving them air travel expenses . 

Doing business internationally can be costly. As a result there has been a rise in the use of video and web conferencing. However the former is notoriously expensive and the latter is often poor quality. Even so neither of these options are appropriate if you don't need to converse but do want to deliver a single message to a larger group of people. 

We were approached by an Oxford charity who were invited to speak abroad. They had to decline the attendance but were still keen to send a personalised message for the audience to watch.  

By opting to use a professional video producer the client's representative was able to concentrate on the 'heart' of their message leaving the filming conventions and technology to us. As it was a direct appeal we chose to use the format of a 'piece to camera', nevertheless the presenter was able approve the framing and backdrop for peace of mind.  

During filming we helped tweak the script and coached them on it's delivery from an objective - but supportive - standpoint. This included helping them to see things from the audiences position. As an example the client referenced a few URL resources which we suggested could be 'titled' as on-screen graphics, to help the viewer find them later. 

Also we proposed recording a second version of the introduction - one that was less specific to the original audience - that could be used at future meetings or even in an online video for their website. This would save the client the cost and inconvenience of a reshoot if it was required later. 

The programme was filmed and edited (with basic graphics) in a working day for less time and money than they would have spent on a long-haul flight. 

By applying specialist knowledge to the clients specific needs and objectives, we produced something that was better than they could have achieved on their own, while multiplying their return on investment. 

Can you think of ways that you might be able to use video to save money and generate content in your organisation?  

If not contact us to see how to minimise your travel costs while stretching your marketing budget too.