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Attracting more business with professional web video

Web Design VideoA company in Oxford recently commissioned us to produce a video introducing their web design business on the homepage of their website.

Our latest production is a promotional Video for Attractmore Web Design in Oxford. Being a web professional himself Roger Knight, the founder of the company, was already aware of the tangible benefits of having a video on his company's website (e.g. improved SEO). Roger also knew that simply driving more traffic to your website by embedding video on it was not enough. 

Research show that once most people arrive at your website you have less than ten seconds to engage them. Videos are a great start but they also need to engage viewers - within the first 15 seconds. With running a consultancy such as theirs, the company realised the value of commissioning a specialist contractor to get the job done efficiently, while also getting an outside perspective. They needed to get on with running their own business rather than learning something new, so clearly a DIY approach was out. 

When it comes to a service business like web design 'people buy people' so we knew the film needed to include the key man but a 'talking head' would be too dull. After learning about Roger's business our response was to give a sense of "the man behind the business" as well as what he does. We interviewed him and intercut this with footage of him at work. The result is a mini-documentary that conveys Roger as a genuine professional and gives a clear overview of what he does in under 85 seconds. 


I particularly appreciated the effort, care and attention to detail you put into the filming.

Roger Knight- Founder, AttractMore Web Design 

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