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7 new videos 'uncovered'

Amy Orr-Ewing in a Uncover videos
This week sees the official release of our "Uncover" videos for UCCF: The Christian unions. These will be launched at their national training event "Forum" between the 3-7 September. 

Sound-Motive delivered 7 videos for UCCF which formed part of their overall resources including QR codes and printed books. Our services ranged from creative and technical consultancy to filming, editing, graphics and visual effects.


Although they feature 'pieces to camera' the films are not straight 'talking heads'. Instead they use visual techniques such as dynamic camera moves (e.g. 'dollies') and 'cut-aways' to 'props' (objects in the studio set) relating to the topic. This aesthetic style engages the viewer by adding pace and moving the film forward through the script. The films were shot using High Definition Digital SLR cameras to achieve a more cinematic look than with conventional camcorders. Post-production was executed using mainly Adobe Premiere and After Effects software.  

Props in a Speaking about our work UCCF's commissioner commented: "Excellent stuff! And I really like the photography and editing. Thank you for your work on these videos". 

The 7 videos are now live on the clients microsite for Uncover watch them here...

Find out more about the Uncover Gospel Project at