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Mastering a book trailer video

The Master key To AsiaWe’re pleased to announce our latest promotional video for established author and international cultural expert, David Clive Price. Having seen our book trailer for Routledge, David approached us to produce a business video that would showcase his latest publication ‘The Master key to Asia’. The brief was to promote the book and convey the client as a credible expert with a video that would help drive viewers to visit his new website too.

Needle-sharp video messages for nanotech startup

Microneedle in action from 3D animationWe were recently approached by an Oxfordshire nanotechnology start-up to produce a video as part of a fundraising competition.  

The brief was to stand out from the other entrants and convince the assessors to put them forward with a concise, high-quality video message. 

Squeezing the tube

YouTube subscriptions?In the last few days it has been rumoured that Youtube will soon start charging a subscription fee for users to access content on some of their main specialist channels. According to a financial times report, fees could start from £1.28 a month and may apply on up to 50 channels. 

The subscription service will mean users can access exclusive content and may mean those videos are free from advertising. 

One Channel love?

Overview of YouTubeThe new Youtube channel design called ‘One channel’ was released last month giving brands the opportunity to personalize and organize their channel in new ways. Love it or loathe it, we've highlighted the main changes... 


Magic "Mini-prompter" for flexible filming

As filmmakers, one of the challenges we face is how to get natural-looking pieces to camera from our subjects. The obvious choice is to use a 'teleprompter', but these can be expensive and cumbersome - especially when working on location with HDSLR cameras.

Sure, there are many videos on YouTube demonstrating how to create your own teleprompter with iPads etc but that is not an attractive option for busy video producers. DIY may be cheaper - but the cardboard and gaffer-tape results are rarely compact - let alone rugged - enough for the rigours of a professional shoot. 

When we saw the Look Lock (articulating arm and phone holder solution) on the Tethertools website recently it occurred to us that the mount gets a screen near enough to the camera lens to use it as a 'mini-prompter' with one of the prompting 'apps' available for smartphones. 

With free apps (like Listec's Promptware Plus), most filmmakers already own a smartphone, and the Look Lock system being a fraction of the price of a traditional teleprompter, it's a cost-effective alternative. 

We bought the 7" version via UKLight and tested it on two colleagues. The feedback was positive so we tried it on a 'live' video project. Our subject was used to being filmed but had never used a prompter before. Still, he gave it a try and got on really well with it. This enabled us to work much faster because we were following a script.  

Back in the edit, we looked at the different video takes. The results were even better than expected - it was almost impossible to tell the subject was reading because they appeared to be looking right down the lens. 

We're really glad we made this purchase and are sure we'll use it often - especially in situations when a prompter is needed that is lightweight, manoeuvrable and compact enough to sit with other gadgets on our HDSLR rig.  

Another potential use for this arm would be to use the torch apps, compatible with newer smartphones as a lighting aid (some of these are dimmable). 

We would love to hear of any ideas on how you might use or adapt equipment to make your video shoots more efficient, so do post your comments below... 

7 new videos 'uncovered'

Amy Orr-Ewing in a Uncover videos
This week sees the official release of our "Uncover" videos for UCCF: The Christian unions. These will be launched at their national training event "Forum" between the 3-7 September. 

Sound-Motive delivered 7 videos for UCCF which formed part of their overall resources including QR codes and printed books. Our services ranged from creative and technical consultancy to filming, editing, graphics and visual effects.


Video is changing online

Digital VideoDigital changed video, now video is changing online. Its hard to believe that not so long ago full frame video on the web was just a dream.

Originally ‘Internet Protocol Television’ looked more like a postage stamp than the High Definition experience we can achieve today. 

So what does this mean for publishers and producers? 

Internet video is now a viable communications channel. Online video platforms like YouTube mean videos can be made available to a worldwide audience at negligible cost, compared to the analogue days. 

This has been made possible by the global adoption of two convergent technologies – broadband internet and digital video production. 

So video hasn’t always been mainstream? 

Three Little Pigs Guardian advert

The Guardian's first TV advert in over 25 years aired for the first time this week. It attempts to convey the Guardian's open journalism policy and imagines how they might cover the well known story of the three little pigs in print and online.

Lynette Morris-Hale Ceramics Promo Video

We have just finished filming editing and producing a short promo video for well respected South African ceramicist, Lynette Morris-Hale. Lynette tasked us with creating a video message conveying the types of classes she offers and the benefits to students.

Jack of all trades?

 In the current economy it is tempting to try and 'cut corners' to save money or impress the boss. It's also tempting for novices or even established outfits in different areas to try and grab a piece of the online video 'pie'.

Electrifying new video for Oxford Entrepreneurs

Oxford Entrepreneurs Logo

We've recently finished a promo video for the biggest student-run entrepreneurship society in the world, Oxford Entrepreneurs. They briefed us to produce a video to showcase the organisation's wide range of initiatives and encourage speakers, sponsors and students to join on their website.